SYDE 2017 Class Profile

My friend Atef Chaudhury and I worked with our classmates to create a profile of our graduating cohort. We designed a survey that covered a broad range of topics, including school, co-op, relationships, sex and drugs, and our futures. The result was something pretty cool- a comprehensive, quantitative account of who we had become over our five year undergrad careers. Here's a post that summarizes some key takeaways, and if you're into it, a beautiful 91 pages of great data. Featured in the Globe and Mail.

On the Way

Together with my good friend Val, we worked on a podcast about the places near and dear to our hearts. I really enjoy listening to podcasts (99% Invisible, Revisionist History, and Longform are a few of my favourites) and have always wanted to be a journalist, so this was a fun project where I got to find and tell a great story. Listen to the episode here.

Humans of Shopify

I feel that the best kept secret about Shopify is the diversity of the people who work here. A small team of us worked to share stories to show just how vibrant and rich the culture is. This was part of a hack days project.


Coming out of high school, I was frustrated with how disconnected my education felt from the real world. My most valuable learning came from things I worked on outside of school, and so I wanted to bring real world projects into high school classrooms. I partnered with an NGO and two world issues classes to run a pilot for a project where students helped the NGO develop resources to educate youth in developing communities about health and social issues.